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Generic Contract Terms for Companion Puppies

I have been asked about my contract so here is a sample of my expectations:

Contract Terms For Puppy Purchases                                                        

You have requested to purchase a pup from Solstice Kennels, and your description of your home situation has led us to agree to hold a puppy for you.

If this agreement is signed before the litter is born all parties understand that there may not be a puppy available and that Solstice puppies are individuals and are matched by type and temperament to their new owners.

I require certain limits placed on pet quality puppies. Puppies not intended for show or other competition may not be bred and must be neutered prior to their first birthday. Puppies not intended for breeding purposes will be sold on a limited registration.

If a puppy designated as a pet or companion quality animal turns out better than expected, we may review the situation together at six month and then, just prior to a year. If the pup is shown and cannot finish a championship, it must not be bred and must be neutered.

If the animal can be finished as a show champion but has some fault that it may pass on to future generations, it must not be bred. As breeder of the dog, I remain the judge of whether any puppy I breed may be bred. Only dogs who promise to produce puppies which will sustain or improve the overall quality of our breed can be bred. We do not need more puppies in the world, we need better ones.

At any time in the life of the dog, should the family not wish to retain it, it must be returned to Solstice for new placement. It may not be sold or given away to another party without our permission in advance of the transaction. If this is done without our agreement, we must take action to seize the dog legally. This is to prevent any dog from our breeding ending up in a shelter or pound, or worse.

If the dog is found to have any hereditary defect for the first four years of its life, we will replace the dog with one out of a later litter, providing we are still breeding. A full refund will only pertain until the dog is twelve months old and has had a final puppy examination by your veterinarian. Consultation and/or examination by my veterinarian will be required.  It will be the buyer’s choice to keep or return the puppy if there is a hereditary defect.  Solstice will always take dogs bred at Solstice back.

At no time is the dog to be trained or used for attack work, nor is the dog to be tied or left out of doors as a way of life. The puppy is to be raised as a family member in an indoor/outdoor setting. Fencing is required. Obedience training is necessary. Follow up and/or an occasional arranged visit from the breeder is to be expected. We will be available throughout the life of the dog to assist and answer questions and give you support.

All Solstice puppies will be registered with the American Kennel club with the prefix Solstice to appear first in the name and Buyer will select a registered name based on the litter theme (if one is chosen by Seller) which will appear after the Kennel name Solstice.  Solstice Kennel retains the right to use the image and name of any puppy bred by Solstice in any kennel advertising or promotion.

 All Solstice puppies will come to their new home with AKC registration, microchip, age appropriate vaccinations, health certificate and new puppy packet.

Understood and willingly agreed to:

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