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Solstice Flying Ace, CDX, GN, RAE, BCAT, CGC


Charlie, Solstice Flying Ace, CD, RAE, CGC is named after the famous Charles Lindbergh of course.  Charlie was one of the keeper puppies from my 1st litter of Cardigans (PJ x Lindy).  My friend Cody Smith loved him from the moment she 1st saw him as a bitty baby and I was please when he turned out nice enough to keep as a co-own show/performance prospect.  Cody showed him and he was certainly a finishable dog but as his breeder/co-owner he had some traits that I didn’t need passed along and if I didn’t think he was good enough conformationally to improve the breed I wasn’t going to allow him to be bred to others.  Cody didn’t mind because she didn’t really like the breed ring anyway.  After the little snip snip I signed off of him and he because Cody’s main man and off to work they went.  Charlie is Cody’s “A” dog meaning her 1st competition dog with AKC and they have had a great run so far.  They completed there Rally Novice, Advanced and Excellent titles with a 100% pass rate and were awarded placements on each “leg” (pass).  In January of 2013 they complete the requirements for the RAE title which was to pass both the Rally Advanced Course and the Rally Excellent course on the same day, 10 times.  Again 100% pass rate with placements on each leg.    In addition they also were awarded their CD, Companion Dog title which is the 1st of the AKC Obedience titles.


Cody and Charlie have more plans as they currently train for the 2nd part of Obedience the CDX Companion Dog Excellent and when time allows some Agility classes.  More good things to come!

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