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KeelMtn Kiddz Solstice A Whole Lotta Ciabatta-Kristin

One of these things is not like the other……

That is right, we have a WIGGLE added to the WAGS! Kristin is the keeper puppy from my BFF’s litter from Farah (Keelmtn Love and Rockets, DCAT) x Emmett (GCHS Keelmtn Fortissimo, BCAT).

Leslie invited me to join her and our fabulous Junior Handler extraordinaire Miss EEK who co-owns Emmett to join their Pem party as part of Kristin’s team.

This little cutie has already had a fun puppy run getting ready for FastCat after she turns a year old and garnered some ribbons including a Group 1 from the 4 to 6 puppy class.

Thanks Leslie and EEK for letting me tag along on Team Kristin.

Bob and Baby K before the release!
Get the buddy!
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