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GCH. Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, BN, RN, CGC, FDC, RATI




Frost, Gch. Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, RN, BN, FDC, RATI (GCh. Mariel’s Flying Spirit x CH MACH3 Peak’s Pippin’s The One CD RN HSAdsc HIAc MXB2 MJS2) bred by Polly Cole. Frost was named when I visited Polly and the litter in December, she was so cute with the frosting on her ears and when I left Denver there was a snow storm. Since the Solstice Cardis fly, she became Flying Snow.


Grand Frost

Grand Champion Frost


Pretty Frosty

Like PJ, Frost is co-owned with my friend Kathy Davis, Dwysan now of Phoenix, AZ.

Ch. Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, RN

Frost is so easy to train, I wish I had more time for her, she easily earned her RN and BN I’m hoping to move on to advanced and she loved agility training taking after her MACH Momma Pip.

Frost, Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, RN

Champion Frost!

Frost is OFA Good, CERF clear and PRA clear via DNA testing.

In December of 2012 Frost whelped her first “litter” of one.  She was bred to our handsome homebred Rider (Ch. Oz x Ch Lindy) but unfortunately I had poor timing and we had a late breeding that resulted in just the single puppy.   He is a gorgeous mismarked boy who was almost everything I hoped and she was a wonderful mommy so we are planning a second breeding in April 2013.


Frosty’s baby boy isn’t he a cutie pie!

2017 saw the start of some new fun for Frosty, she started Barnhunt and had a really good time.  She will try adding some new letters to her name as she learns the way of the RAT.



Farm Dog Frosty!


IMG_1981My favorite Frosty photo

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