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Fast CAT, I mean Cardigan

Bailey loves chasing the “bunny” aka the white trash bag.  She quickly finished her CAT and CAT Advanced and last year she started running Fast CAT.   Loved that too!  She finished 2016 as the 3rd fastest Cardigan, not bad for a veteran Grand Champion girl.

Last weekend at the GKKC Fast Cat she ran fast again and finished her BCAT Fast Cat title and started on her DCAT with 2 other awesome runs.

If you don’t know about Fast CAT it is basically a 100 yard doggy dash.  The dogs chase the lure in a straight line for a 100 yards and it is a timed.  Then the seconds are converted to miles per hour which is then converted to points.

As much fun as CAT and Fast CAT is we are done for the summer, we will run again when the weather cools off.



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