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Solstice Fly Girl, RN, CGC


Fifinela is our newest kid on the block. Fifi is a Oz x Lindy daughter and is the puppy I kept from that litter.  She is a funny faced Brindle pointed tri girl.

Fifi’s call name comes from Fifinela the gremlin mascot of the WWII WASP pilots.  Fifinela is a mischief make and the name fits the her well, Fifinela is a big mouthful so like all the dog names it got shortened to Fifi or jus Fi.

Fi has been in the ribbons at all her shows and is now concentrating on growing up and doing some obedience training.

At just over two years old I made a hard decision for me and an good one for Fifi to place her in a companion home.  Miss Fi is now living with Robert and Deborah and 14 year old Stoney (a sweet old red cardi boy) in Jacksonville, Florida.  Such a great home and I’m so happy for her even as I am sad for me.

Fifi rockin’ her Howloween costume.

Like all younger children she doesn’t have the photos like the older ones and since she is always busy there aren’t a lot of just her.  But let me assure you she leads a very full life.

Like this:

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