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Charcuterie for dogs?

January 30, 2023

Fun snacks served artfully on trays have taken off as a fun and creative way to serve yummy snacks to your friends. It had morphed into something for everyone on a tray. Fruit, sweet and yes, dog treats.

The word Charcuterie (Unless you are skilled in French, this word is hard to pronounce) actually is a form of cooking devoted to prepared meat products like sausage, bacon, ham etc. All yummy things for both people and their dogs.

The fact the #Charcuterie is trendy and we love spending money and time on our dogs Barkuterie or Barkcutrie are a fun thing.

On Sunday afternoon I went to a fun doggy themed activity. Our friends at Canine Country Academy hosted a Barkuterie Board Workshop with Barkuterie Boards. We learned how make fun treat boards for our dogs. When my friend Kathy of Dwysan Designs LLC heard about the workshop she made sure I had a custom board of my own.

Here is a how it started and how it ended.

The Solstice Cardigans gave it 💯

Amanda made sure we all knew what the snacks were and how they were sourced
Amanda getting us started! What fun!
My final layout
On our Board before Cardimania
The end, Cardigan approved
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