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I’m a Humbug……..

December 24, 2010

I’m working today, “keeping the promise” as we say around the Farm. Mostly I’m doing it because I get a big holiday paycheck and because I don’t have any frantic Christmas plans.

This year I had even fewer plans than in years past. I’m mostly just annoyed with the whole “Holiday Season”. Maybe it is a humbug moment but it just doesn’t seem to mean much anymore. Maybe the childhood joy has gone from me and because I don’t have any human kids in my life I don’t get recharged ever year. Or maybe it really has lost its meaning. I think it is all the “shopping” that mostly gets to me.

As soon as Halloween is over the retailers put up their Christmas displays. Instead of spending time with your loved ones on Thanksgiving people had to run out at night and “shop”. The radio stations start playing Christmas music before the Turkey is carved.

I watch my friends and co-workers stress and run around and cry about how they are broke from spending all their money. I listen to people yell about the crowds in parking lots and that it wasn’t their fault that they backed into someone else in a parking lot fighting for that space. It is getting insane.

Having my little Holiday Treats aka the puppies Candy, Cookie, Fudge and Nog has taken some of the pressure off of me this year because I have a different focus and maybe with that different focus I paid attention to what else was going on around me. Also their arrival took up a crucial 10 days right in the middle of the Holiday prep season which again gave me leave to just not do the prep.

So my Holiday pluses are these: I get a kick out of wearing my silly Holiday hats and dressing up (torturing) the dogs and listening to my Holiday Ho Ho playlist on the Ipod. I enjoyed the Holiday greetings from friends in all forms, cards, emails, blog posts and Facebook greetings. I had fun with Cardi Claus and making the Holiday Granola for my co-works. I’m looking forward to visiting with my family and friends, eating Christmas Ham with my Mom and Cody tomorrow. I’m thrilled with the early Christmas gift my brother gave me (the Thermawhelp for the puppies) and all the other gifts that I may get from people who love me or pretend to :-). I’ll enjoy sharing gifts with my friends now and later in the year. I’m enjoying the puppies and the lovely El Paso weather. And I’m happy that with the season comes the close of a mostly happy and healthy year.

So after writing this all out maybe I’m not such a humbug but just a learning to appreciate doing things my way.

I hope everyone out there in blogger land can also appreciate doing it your way too.

Merry Merry!

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  1. December 25, 2010 1:50 am

    This is the second year that I am thoroughly enjoying our “no gift” giving Christmas. My family and friends and I do little things for each other throughout the year and have agreed not to do the big shopping thing and it has brought back pleasure in the holiday season for me. Without the major gift giving craziness I enjoyed being part of Cardi Claus (thank you again!) and doing things of that sort. So, continue to do things the way that makes YOU happy. We only pass by this way once!

    I really like the names you chose for your pups! I wonder if their forever families will keep them. I especially like Fudge and Nog.

  2. Taryn permalink
    December 25, 2010 12:05 pm

    I totally agree with you on the shopping part! The whole “gift stress” and spending really ruin the season. But I enjoy the decorated houses and putting up a tree. And it’s really fun to see my Cardis open gifts, who love it as much as kids do!

    Merry Christmas!

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