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Yes, I am a bit paranoid

July 1, 2022

If you are lost I will find you….

I don’t know if it was the pandemic lockdown or just the general state of the world these days but I have gotten really paranoid about my dogs getting lost or worse dognapped. So many stories of open doors or gates, car accidents, car jacking or out right theft that it makes me crazy.

Pictured above are some of my tools to combat my paranoia. First of all the dogs are of course microchiped, I was an early adapter of microchip usage.

My dogs don’t wear collars at home but before they leave the house the get dressed in their clothes. All their snap buckle collars have Solstice and my phone number embroidered on them. Each one has their rabies tag and they have a Byte tag which has a QR code with all kinds of digital information. Each dog has their own tag.

Then there is the secondary collars, I have martingale collars that slip over their heads and on that is a Tractive GPS tracker. The device itself is fairly inexpensive but it does require a subscription. It isn’t that costly and helps my piece of mind. I have 3 of them and I have them on 3 different renewals so they come due at different time of the year. I only got 3 because I rarely take all the dogs since the old ladies don’t travel much. The charges last about a week + so in the event the dogs are lost there is time to find them. Plus I leave one plugged into the van when a dog isn’t wearing it as it can track the van if it gets jacked. With or without a dog inside.

And there are the devices from Lifekey, These are scanable Fetch tags that when scanned shows the location of the tag. Plus I wear a Lifekey Smart Strap which sends my locations to my “people” when I tap it with my phone. Great piece of mind for solo adventures.

Too much? Probably but it makes me feel better. My dogs are my kids and I work hard to protect them at all costs.

The Brindle ladies

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