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There is a New Kid in Town

July 15, 2022

Introducing Marcher! This sweet boy came to us from Vestavia and we are so happy our friend Cathy let him come to us. March is officially know as Vestavia’s Good Trouble at Solstice and he will be co-owned with my tribe, Cody Smith, Leslie Reed, Kathy Davis and Ellen Kidd.

March is a Rune x Quiz kid and we have high hopes for having lots of fun with him in all kind of venues.

JeffJeff is thrilled to be a big brother. Bailey and Cali think he is ok and will play with him now and again. Banner says, stay away from me Kid! Little old lady Frosty just mostly ignores him.

March is named after the late Congressman and Civil Rights leader John Lewis’s quote “Get in Trouble, Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble” and we call him Marcher or more often March. His name will remind us of the Congressman and why he Marched. Big name for a little guy, but we know he will grow into it.

Watch for more Good Trouble in the days ahead.

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