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When you’re Hot you’re Hot!

May 16, 2022

Spent the afternoon changing the van from winter to summer. I know most people do their closets but I do the van.

Being from the desert 🏜 southwest and now living in the south I know all about the heat index and the dangers of hot cars so we work super hard to make sure the dogs are comfortable when we go out in warm weather.

So how do I manage?

My newest tool is the Waggle temperature monitor. This way I can keep track of the temperature and humidity. Here is my referral link if anyone is interested and wants a discount.

I have multiple aluminet shade clothes that I can cover the whole van. I also have multiple Ryobi battery operated fans and I have the car charger so I can recharge the batteries if needed. I also have a little shade pop tent we can put up for more portable shade.

soclerg 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth Fabric with Grommets and Ball Bungee 6.5 ft x 8 ft

I also have cooling mats for the crates and a garden sprayer to mist the dogs to help with cooling.

JeffJeff chilling on the chill mat

I have an awning on my van to help keep the people cool and I recently splurged on a high end cooler ( the TSC version of the Yeti) and always have something to help keep me cool too.

Just a couple more things to add and I am all set for hot weather fun! We have FastCats, and Scentwork and Barnhunt and other fun things planned during the warm weather, we want to be ready!

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