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Whoops it is mid March 2022 and I haven’t even posted the 2021 year in review

March 14, 2022

I wrote this in January and forgot to post it……

I always try and do a recap of our doggy year so we can see the accomplishments in one place.   

We are lucky living in the Atlanta metro area as it gives us many opportunities for doggy activities and gave us a chance to compete this year.

We had sadness this year, as my beloved PJ left me in May, he was a blessing every day of his 14 years.  We were disappointed that the Cali x Sammich breeding did not produce puppies and that our handsome JeffJeff’s bite did not correct keeping him out of both the show ring and the gene pool.

We also had some fun this year.  I became President of my All Breed Kennel Club, Richmond Dog Fanciers and made my first trip to Oregon.  We had a nice summer holiday and winter get away to the Championship with Team EEK and the Keel Mountain crew.  I became a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Co-Owner with Leslie and Ellie and I celebrated the accomplishments of the Bred by/Co-Owned/Co-Bred Cardigans around the country.

We didn’t attend many dog shows this year as only Baby K the Pembroke was showing in the Southeast, as a baby she earned her Puppy of Achievement from the 4-6 puppy competition.  Out west, Sammich had some nice BOB and NOHS wins at the end of the year (it is AZ they only show early Spring and Fall) and is currently sitting at #10 in the NOHS rankings.  Kathy and Ryan has done a great job with him.

On the home front JeffJeff started and ended the year with new certificates.  He earned his Star Puppy in February and then earned his Novice Container Scentwork title, he finally learned to “chase the bunny” and earned his FastCat BCat title and is well on his way to the DCat.  He had fun bossing sheep around earned his AKC Herding Instinct Test (IT).  Although he would rather pee in the straw he did hold it together long enough to get his Barnhunt Rat Instinct test.  He rounded out the year by sniffing his way to his Novice Scentwork Interior title.  Super proud of the little dude.

His mother Cali ran all the way to her FCat this year and qualified for her 1st Barnhunt title, Novice, RATN.

Almost 13 year old Bailey slowly ran to her FCat as well, she may run slow but she runs with joy, it is her favorite thing to do.  She also completed her Excellent Scentwork Container title.  She is mostly retired as she turns 13 in February but she will still get to play when conditions are right.  My very good girl.

Frost and Banner continue their senior lady ways of hanging out at home and doing all their preferred things.  Eating, sleeping, barking, chewing, shedding, eating…..

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