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Stop in the name of Mud

May 21, 2008

It has been so dry and today it was 100 degrees, I think it was a record high, last week we had a record high low.  Crazy weather.  I haven’t watered all season but the poor fig tree was rather wilted so I filled up the pool and watered the tree.  Of course the kids are always thrilled when the pool is filled.  Lindy lays in it and goes round in a circle and Henry just jumps in and out, Wicca digs in the water and PJ refuses to get in the pool. 

I made lots of mud!  Henry of course thinks it is great, he jumps in and out of the pool and then goes and rolls in the dirt, he is a disgusting mess!  He is like pig pen but he acts so happy to be doing it. 

Nobody got to go to yappy hour today because they were too dirty to go too Grandma’s house.  PJ was just dirty from running in the yard. 

We are expecting big wind tomorrow so hopefully the water will keep some of the dirt down.



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