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Fruit Loops

June 18, 2008

An apple a day.......


My dogs love fruit.  I don’t know about other people’s dogs mine are crazy about fruit.  We have a fig tree in the back yard and that provides 3 seasons of enjoyment.  In the spring they pull off the young leaves.  Once the fig start to ripen it is a free for all trying to get too them.  Wicca does this funny kangaroo hop trying to reach the higher branches.  If she gets a branch pulled down the Cardis join her in pulling off figs.  I try and pull some ripe ones off every day for them.  It is like standing in a shark tank the way the circle around waiting for me to drop them.  In the fall they like to crunch on the dry leaves, we call them fig chips. 

It’s not just the figs they love all fruit.  I buy fruit from the Hombre de Frutas who comes by the office and sells us great boxes of mixed fruit.  I often don’t get it all eaten so I share with the dogs.  Apples and pears are favorites. 

My Mom had eaten a grapefruit and she had peeled off some of the inner membrane and she offered it to the dogs, they ate that too.  Of course PJ I think will eat anything.  We don’t call him Porky Joe for nothing.

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