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Big Bone Lick

June 23, 2008

Wow where did this come fromWhen Leslie and I were traveling to the Nationals in Kentucky we went past a park called Big Bone Lick and we thought it would be a place the dogs would want to stop and visit.  I had to google it later on and found out it is a natural salt lick where people found bones of prehistoric animals hence the name Big Bone Lick.

We had a version of Big Bone Lick


at the house today.  I moved to sofa and low and behold there was a big bone that I think we brought back from Houston last summer.  Finding that to go along with the usual rawhide bones laying around we also had rib bones from the State Line Restaurant, they are so cool about giving you a bag of dog bones, it was a Big Bone Lick Day. 

I got home from working some OT and just wanted to hang out with the dogs and do nothing so I put the big dogs up and let the babies in and they had a blast.  The big bone changed paws several times.  Lindy dosen’t like to share her bones with the boys so she will grab something and go under the bed.  Wicca just picks something and chews it until it is gone or it is time to go out.  The boys trade back and forth, back

and forth, back and forth. This is pretty cool

Sometimes it is good to be a dog and this one of those times.  In addition to the bones they also got steak!  One of my co-workers, Clare, brought in some steak that had gotten left in the marinade too long and she didn’t like the way it tasted.  She just couldn’t throw it out so she brought it for the dogs.  They said Thank You Miss Clare!  They are getting a few nibbles in their dinner at night and it makes it extra special.

Please get the big bone for me




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