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Hurricane Dolly

July 26, 2008


Windy in the tall grass

Windy in the tall grass

You wouldn’t think that in far Southwest Texas would have be effected by a Hurricane but we are having a weather event.  The weather channel radar shows rotating clouds just like a coastal storm.  We have had almost 3 inches of rain over night and more is expected.   July is Monsoon season so we have had a lot of rain prior to this so the ground was already wet and the grass was already HIGH!  El Paso’s annual rain fall is under 10 inches and we have had over 20% of our annual total in the last 48 hours.  I live in the desert because I don’t like rain so I’ll be happy for it to move along.  The dogs will be too.  Windy aka The DIVA has to be tossed outside, she won’t go out on her own.  The Cardigans are so low to the ground that they have to wade to the high ground and they are covered in MUD.  Henry likes the mud but Lindy and PJ would just as soon stay out of the high water.  Wicca in true bird dog fashion just gallops thru it.  Stoney will go out since he lets nothing stop his barking at the world.

Dogs in the Dog Yard


A "boat" on Loma"lake"

A "boat" on Loma"lake"

Loma “Lake”

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