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The Honeymoon

September 4, 2008

Maggie's Dinner

After a restful night PJ and Pip needed a little distraction so Polly and I loaded them in the Van and took a little Honeymoon trip to the town of Madrid, NM.  This is an artsy town where the movie “Wild Hogs” was filmed.    Polly and I had lunch at the Mine Shaft which is the “biker bar” in the movie.

We had blue corn enchiladas with NM green sauce.


Wedding photos?

Wedding photos?

We thought about having the kids wedding photos done here but decided to pass. 


Polly and Pippin Shopping

Polly and Pippin Shopping


 We walked around the town and looked at the galleries and shops.  The town people were very nice and invited the dogs to check out some of the local attractions. 

The loved the ice cream.

They loved the ice cream.

We think we can get to the bottom of the bowl

We think we can get to the bottom of the bowl

They wanted to know if they were in:
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