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Honeymoon Friday and Saturday

September 6, 2008

Friday was another fun day.  We couldn’t sit around the hotel waiting for procreation so Polly and I went over to the agility trial that was being held in town.   Both Polly and I ran into folks we knew.  I even ran into Dr. Robin our vet from El Paso.  She was running her Aussie.   Another person we got to see was our friend Renee.  Renee used to live in Albuquerque but relocated to Ohio.
Polly and Renee at Agility
Polly and Renee at Agility
The agility dance aka the walk thru

The agility dance aka the walk thru

We hung around and watched the runs and visited with our friends.  PJ got to get out and visit but Miss Pip had to stay in van.

We also saw Carrie Burns and the fabulous ChromaDanes.  Orion and Voltaire were bred by my friend JP of ChromaDane and their wonderful handler Carrie brings out the best of them.  See the talent Danes at

Carrie and Voltaire

Carrie and Voltaire

It was fun to watch agility, maybe we will be inspired to train again.


When we got back to the room PJ and Pip decided to have some afternoon delight.



Then they were done for the day.


Actually they were done for the weekend.  Dr. Barb came by this morning and checked them out and we are hoping we got a good breeding and will make some pretty puppies.  Stay tuned for news on our success.

I left Albuquerque and high tailed it back to El Paso in time to join the tailgate party in progress at the UTEP – UT game.  UTEP got whooped on but we had a fun time. 

Lindy was thrilled that PJ was home!

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