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The Toller Nationals

October 5, 2008

I’m home from the Toller nationals. It was held in Claremont, CA about a 12 hour drive from El Paso.   I had a great time and saw some really nice dogs.  I acted as Chief Steward for the Obedience, Rally and Conformation.  I was asked by my friend Phyllis of Philmac Tollers.  Phyllis was the Show Chair and I hope my being there gave her a few less things to worry about.

A Novice dog

A Novice dog


Here are the results:

Sweeps Judge: Jane Jensen

Best in Sweeps

Manitou’s Granturismo 12-18 bitches

Best of Opposite Sex

Portstar’s Napoleon’s Conquest 12-18 Dogs

Best Veteran in Sweeps

Reddecoy’s High Country Piper, JH  7-9 Dogs

Best of Opposite Sex

Ch. Lonestrees’ Lil Journey to Oz, CD, JH, NA

Regular class Judge, Lester Mapes

Best Jr. Handler

Lindsay Stiflinger from the Open Jr Class showing Ch Jetstream’s Sit up and Take Notice

Best of Breed

Ch Fionavar Javahill Topgun, CD

Best of Opp

Ch Vermilion Joy4 Javahill, SH, RN

Judges Award of Merit (4)

Ch. Jetstream’s Sit Up and Take Notice

Ch. Cinnstar KD’s Red Tornado, CD

Ch. Westerlea’s Sir Edmund UDX2, MH (from the Veteran Dog 7-9 class)

Ch. Anando Off Center Toller Tyson

Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners

Javahill’s I’m a B’liever from the Open Dog Class


Portstar’s Napoleon’s Conquest from the BBE class

Winner’s Bitch

Javahill Faith of the Heart from the BBE class


Kelticfoxs Daddy’s Wee Lass from the 6 to 9 class


MACH2 Foxgrove’s Electric Slyde, RN, XF (from Novice B)

Kathy and the quilt

Kathy and the quilt

They had a great raffle, I won a few nice things but I didn’t win the big prize which was an amazing quilt.  The quilt was done with Toller art, paw and nose prints, sweeps of tails and some very creative paintings.  I was very happy that Phyllis won the quilt, she worked hard and she didn’t have much time for fun at the Nationals so it was a nice reward for her.

I enjoy the breed and really was happy to see some of the country’s best jaunty little red dogs.  It was also nice to see like my own breed many of the top winners had titles both in front of and behind their names.

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  1. October 8, 2008 5:34 am

    I’ve really been watching Tollers. I need to meet more, but I really like them. I really miss having a sporting breed, but don’t like the AKC Cockers- yet want something with a little hair I can show.

  2. October 8, 2008 6:08 pm

    It is an interesting breed, more like a border collie in a retrevier suit. My friend says there is “My way, the highway and the Toller way”.

    I like them a lot but I think I’ll stick with being “friend of Tollers” instead of a Toller owner.

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