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Puppy Count and Countdown

November 4, 2008

News from Polly is that Pip’s X-ray shows 8 Puppies!!!!!!  Polly said she was shocked but excited.

I’m sure if PJ knew what was going on he would be exicited too.  I could show him a cookie and he would act excited.

Pups are due on the 5th but since this is Pip’s 1st litter we have no idea what she and mother nature will do.  Of course our best hope is a wonderful healthy litter and an easy deliver for Momma Pip (and Polly too).  If you are interested in this litter you can see the pedigree on my website and of course there are more puppies than originally expected (Pj you are such a stud) so there maybe some nice choices available.

Other news is that we are now waiting for Lindy to come is season.  She “should” be in any time now and the plan is to breeder her to PJ as well.  Also Harry has bred his Ali to Oliver so we will have winter puppies all around.

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