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Crazy Stoney

December 1, 2008



Stoney is a funny dog, he is my 1st Cardi and is now 8 years old.  He is my 1st agility titled dog and was always interesting to run.  He really loves the contacts.  Stoney has his CGC and also was a TDI therapy dog and an AKC Canine Ambassador, he also was an ACE award nominee.  Stoney retired from the show ring with 16 or 17 points and at least 6 major reserves (best of the losers).  Stoney beat some really good dogs including a BIS dog and a winner’s dog from CWCCA nationals.  If we had been showing in another time or region he might have finished.  He was fun in the ring but outside of the ring he was a pain.  He is very dog aggressive and pretty much hates most other dogs.    Since it got where it wasn’t fun to take him out he retired from competition. 

But just because he retired from competition doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love agility.  Every night I let he and Windy out into the agility yard.  Stoney takes off and runs the course, he loves the Aframe, tunnel and teeter and he runs around with joy on his face so I make sure he gets his yard time.  Silly dog!

Now that he is retired from public appearances he hangs out in the house and sleeps on my bed.  Windy tolerates him and he knows she will kick his butt so he stays on her good side.  I guess he doesn’t mind being retired.

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  1. sandysays1 permalink
    December 1, 2008 12:57 pm

    Wow your accomplishments are impressive! I’m a little jealous- I’m glad my human doesn’t call me “Grace” for I don’t have much. Oh well, I least I got some looks. Come visit me at

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