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I Promised

December 14, 2008

I know I promised the final 3 puppy photos but either Polly and I had too much wine with dinner or the puppies just went into wild overdrive  and  we failed.  Actually the lighting was not good and nothing came out very well so I’ll try again in the morning before I head home.  If I get to head home, they are calling for a snow storm tonight and tomorrow, I told them NO SNOW so hopefully some one was listening to me.

But since I promised puppy pictures here are a few cute ones from the weekend.


A puppy starburst!  I think they got their daddy’s appetite.


This is the one I call Candy Bar, he is a little toot, tons of fun attitude.  Here he learned the joy of peanut butter and stacking wasn’t in his plans.



I call these two Spot and Snow, Spot is a pistol and Snow is very sweet and and lovable.  Both have lovely conformation and it is too bad their white faces will keep them out of the show ring.


A nosey bunch for sure they were interested in everything we were doing.  That is Firecraker, Frost, Candy Bar, Spot, Big Red and Snow in the background.  JR was asleep.



JR says Sheep Dreams everybody, more from pup central later.

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  1. December 15, 2008 12:34 am

    JR looks like a sleeping angel. Kim, Russ, Skaker, and Music

  2. marian permalink
    December 15, 2008 1:05 am


  3. December 18, 2008 5:45 am

    do you want my address so you can drive firecracker to me this weekend? i will make her very happy….(her?)

    they all look so sweet!

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