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Who are they……another game of Blog Tag

December 24, 2008

Sherilyn of Winjammin tagged me to play the game of describing the dogs. The idea is to think about each one of your dog’s personalities and decide that if the dog was human, who would they be…either a general description or a person.


Windy (12 year old GSP)


The Diva, need I say more?   She is demanding and expect homage.  She is materialistic, she wants her stuff and it is HER stuff.  She is a creature of comfort, puffy beds, blankets, she will not be cold.  


Stoney (8 year old CWC)


The grumpy old guy who lives in the neighborhood.  Always yelling at the kids to stay off his grass, yelling at the neighbors to turn that darn music down.  Then gets pissed off  if he isn’t invited to the block pary.  He has his favorites and he will do anything in the world for those he loves.


Wicca (6 year old GSP)


The track star, if she wasn’t running she would be getting into trouble.  Needs her routine.  Likes her solitary runs but tolerates her roommates.  Needs to be adored and always wants her coach praising her efforts.  Too pretty for her own good.



Lindy (3 year old CWC)


The bossy, know it all chick from your office.  She never shuts up, always wanting to know what you are doing and why are you doing it.  Very cute, was probably a cheerleader in High School.


Henry ( 3 year old CWC)


The High School basketball nerd, hasn’t really reached his peak, athletic, sort of smart but more dorky than anything.  Sensitive and has his feelings hurt really easily, especially by the girls.


PJ (23 month old CWC)


Mr. Nice guy, looks good, feels good, likes everyone and they like him.  Chicks dig him.  He thinks everything is just swell.  Likes to hang out and be social.   Gets good grades,  does well at sports, is nice to old people.  Thinks life is a blast, especially if there is food involved.


I’ll Tag Traci and Jeri and Holly, Tag you are it!

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