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Packing for the dog show

January 27, 2009

How things have changed, when I 1st started going to doggy events with my rescue GSP Sigfried I took the dog, some water and some treats and went to events in a Ford Ranger extended cab pickup.  Then I got Windy and I had a crate and a bag and an xpen and then the stuff started coming.  Now we have an E350 extended van and a travel trailer and if that wasn’t enough now there is a mini motor home.  There is so much stuff, I didn’t realize when I started that there is so much stuff, we have crates, tables, chairs, fans,  grooming boxes with $100 of  dollars of product, many pair of ugly shoes and more.  I’m happy to report that except for a few odds and ends I’m packed for the 1st show of the season.

 We leave Friday afternoon for Hobbs, NM about a 5 hour drive from here.  Lindy and Henry are entered in the Open class, we were hoping for major points but missed the dog major by 1 dog.  Lindy needs one single and 1 major and Henry needs 4 singles and one major.  PJ is entered in Breed both days and Rally Novice on Sunday. 

Baby Frost will also be joining us, she has a ride from Denver to Hobbs, a puppy will need even more stuff 🙂

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  1. January 27, 2009 6:56 pm

    Indeed there is so much stuff. My first show with Russ–I had him, an overnight bag, dog food, treats and a leash. Now the stuff fills our RV, and we are looking for a bigger RV. Too funny.

  2. January 27, 2009 7:28 pm

    LOL I know the feeling! I can remember when we started a mere 5 years ago, we had a Toyota Rav and just took a couple of crates with our Samoyed and rescue Pem, and let the breeder of the Sammy groom him. Then came all the “stuff” when we decided to start doing this ourselves, and got our first Cardigan to show, more stuff, and then upgraded to a Chevy Tahoe, thinking we wouldn’t “outgrow” that. HA! 1 year later we traded the Tahoe in for the Suburban and then I was on the hunt for the crate carrier for the back, and now are considering trading in the ‘Burb for a Rv. When we now pack, the Suburban is loaded to the gills, and heaven forbid if we try to take an extra person with us…it takes an act of Congress to re-organize the vehicle!!

    Good luck this weekend and hope you come home with lots of blue, purple and purple and gold ribbons! 🙂


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