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Dogs in action

February 12, 2009

Those of us that live with dogs know the joy and fun that they bring to our lives but most of our companions enrich our world and make us happy but for some they not only make them happy but they allow them freedom and independence. 

At the UTEP Miner’s Basketball games they have a program called the CEO of the game where a child comes out on the court and delivers the game ball to the referee prior to the tip off.  Last night’s CEO was a young man who was in a mechanized wheelchair accompanied by his service dog.  The boy was about 10 (I think, I’m not good at guessing kids ages) and the dog was a pretty Golden.  It was so good to see him go out on the court and deliver the ball, you could tell he was thrilled.  There was no parent or adult  helping him, just a boy and his dog.  Amazing, a bunch of tall men bouncing balls, bright lights, cheering crowds, the pep band and cheerleaders.  Kid and dog handled it like pros.

A good reminder of  the power of our canine friends.

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  1. February 12, 2009 3:30 pm

    What a beautiful image you just gave me for the day…thanks!! 🙂

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