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Puppy evals

April 12, 2009

After our road trip to Arylan yesterday (the puppies were great on the ride up yesterday) we spent most of the rainy windy Saturday doing nothing.  Doing nothing isn’t one of my usual activities so even with bad weather it was nice to just spend the day hanging out. 

Yes, we did look at the babies and unless something changes a whole lot in the next couple of weeks this is how it stands:

Little Blaze will be staying at Solstice she will be registered as Solstice Flying Circus aka Bailey

Angel girl will be moving up north to Arylan and a tenative registered name for her will be Arylan Flight from Justice aka Bonnie (Harry is the co-breeder on this litter)

It  looks like Miss Cody will be getting Tri Bubba 

And that leaves brindle boy Ringo.

This was a very consistent litter and Harry remarked that he could just pick one since they all looked very much a like.  

Hopefully we will have a more productive day tomorrow and there will be photos.

Miss Frost is having great time playing with Harry’s 2 youngsters Omar and Lara they were born on 12/31 so just a little younger than she is so lots on fun.

Tomorrow PJ is doing the Sheep thing so I hope to hear he had a good time.

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