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A Frost Report

May 24, 2009

Hey it’s Frost!

I’m a STAR Puppy!  I went to a class my STAR puppy class today  I was a very good girl, I met River the Great Dane and Pearl the Shepherd.  The baby Bailey went too but she had to stay in the car.  I barked at the dogs but them I quit, and I walked nice and sat like I was supposed too.  Next week Bailey and Charlie are going to be going too but I’ll be the STAR.

After the class we went to meet some one called Grandma Janne, she was pretty cool, she said I was pretty, I also met another Frost but she is a big white Akita who is 13 years old.  She was ok too.  We hung out for awhile the the Momma and Janne talked and talked.  There were lots of big yellow noisy trucks working on the street.  They were really loud but Bailey and I didn’t really care about them.  

After we left Janne’s we went to the vet, but ha ha ha I didn’t have to go in just Bailey and she got poked!  Then we came home and Momma worked in Grandma’s yard getting it ready, she says we are having a party on Monday.  We all helped her clean the porch and we played in the water hose.  Life is good.

I’m sure we will have more fun tomorrow.

Stay cool!

Frost out!

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