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Cardi weekend update

May 26, 2009

We Cardis had a great weekend!  On Satuday Frost and Bailey went to school and then we all hung out at yappy hour at Grandma’s house.  Then on Sunday, we all helped Momma clean the yard and set up for the party she and Grandma were having.  We helped hose off the porch and pick up the trash and sweep, even Wicca got to come and help. 

Today was the party day and Momma wouldn’t  let us come over until the guest came, then we girls got to go over, Momma said they boys couldn’t come because the peed on stuff.  Charlie came over and we all played.  Frost filched crackers off the craker plate, the nice people gave us treats, Momma gave us some meat off the grill.  We played and got petted.  Frost’s friend Hatti came to visit and the grumpy Maggie.  Maggie had to go in the Xpen cause she was grouchy to everyone.    Frost also tried to steal wine.

After some of the people left the boys got to come over and hang out for awhile, Henry was scared of Miss Hatti, he is a goof.

It was a fun time, Bailey is pooped she was so tired she could hardly eat her supper and one of her ears is drooping, Momma said if it isn’t up in the morning after a good night’s sleep she will have to wear tape again.

We like parties and 3 days weekends, lets have some more!

Lindy, PJ, Henry, Frost and Bailey

Jinnie here, I like 3 day weekends but we can’t have parties all the time cause thet poop me out just like Bailey.

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  1. May 27, 2009 1:23 pm

    Charlie had a good time too, and he also got pooped. He didn’t even eat dinner, all he did was sleep. I think that is because he was attacked so much by you girls. I’ve got lots of pictures I just needed to find all the gadgets to get them on my computer. As soon as I do you will be able to relive the memories.

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