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Solstice Updates

June 9, 2009

Since we are talking about “up” dates both Bailey and Charlie have up ears and are out of their “hats”. 

It is Official! 

Rally 003

PJ is now formally known as Ch Mariel’s Flying Spirit, RN!

PJ really deserves the credit for this title since he got very little in the way of training and because he is a sweet and bidable boy he did what I asked him even if he wasn’t really sure of the reason.   Maybe now we will train for something for real. 

Frost seems to have both her Daddy’s sunny nature and her Momma’s smarts, she picks things up quickly and she is fun to train.  Bailey seems pretty quick on the draw too and Charlie is a smart boy but I’m thinking he has a bit of his mother’s “I’ll do it my way” attitude.  He is a sweet boy so I’m sure he will catch on quick and Cody is good about working with him.  Ginger aka Mom took Bailey to school last weekend and it was reported back that she did really well at school.

We had “little” visitor yesterday Bekka brought Jena her foster daughter, the puppies had a good time chasing her around the yard.  A tired puppy and child is a good puppy/child.  We don’t have a lot of kid visitors so it is always fun to see the interaction with a kiddo.

Bailey and Charlie went to the Farmer’s market again on Saturday and I guess it will now have to be a Saturday ritual since one of the vendors made a comment, “oh those are the Cardis they come every week”  we have Fans!

Cindy over at Foggybottom reminded me about having a yahoo group set up for her “doggy family” members where they share news and updates about dogs from her kennel or for people with puppies from her stud dogs.  I had long ago set up a yahoo group for Solstice but never used it so if you are “related by dog” and want to join here is the addy .

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