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Boston Day 2

September 7, 2009

Today it was all about the Harbor or HA Bore.  This morning we went downtown and snagged a Free Parking space which apparently is a big deal in Boston and went to board the Spirit of Boston for a  lunch cruise of the Boston harbor.


Boston Day 2 044

The weather today was perfect, right around 70 degrees and sunny. 

Boston Day 2 046

Boston Day 2 051

Boston Day 2 057

Boston Day 2 058

After the cruise we walked along the Rose Kennedy Greenspace in downtown Boston.  This lovely garden area was once a highway but Boston’s Big Dig put the highway underground. 

Boston Day 2 063

Boston Day 2 060

Boston Day 2 062

After the walk thru the green space we walked along the Harborwalk back to the car.  Along the way we saw this street artist playing the “buckets”  he was great!

Boston Day 2 067

After the Harbor we went to Castle Island – Fort Independence, unfortunately the Fort was closed be the time we got there but the park was wonderful and it was sure being enjoyed by lots of local people, fishing, flying kites, walking/biking on the paths.  Lots of folks walking their dogs.  It is funny how Linda, Kevin and I always call out the breed whenever we see a dog.  It has been interesting to me that most people in Boston have purebred dogs, not a lot of mixed breeds out and about.

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  1. September 7, 2009 2:58 pm

    Fun! The last time we were in Boston we took a cruise in the harbor on a tall wooden ship. It was so heavily varnished it looked like it was made of plastic! They told us that the ship and crew winter down in the Caribbean so it probably had left already by the time you were there, to beat the hurricanes.

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