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Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

October 14, 2009

Between Solstice and Arylan there are lots of puppies planned for the last part of 2009 and the 1st part of 2010.  Seems like it always happens that way, none for a long time and then a bunch all at once.

Arylan is expecting a litter next week (Chickie x Kiefer aka Oscar), you can follow that litter’s progress at or on the Facebook Arylan puppy page.

Lindy has also been bred to Kiefer aka Oscar and we are eagerly awaiting signs of puppies coming.  I’m looking for a special girl from this litter since this is a pedigree match up I’m very excited about for the future at Solstice.  If this breeding took  it will the Liberty litter since Kiefer’s registered name is Arylan Tribute to Liberty and I was coordinating the breeding while I was in Boston, MA soaking up American History.

PJ is currently at Arylan hanging out waiting for his date with June Carter sometime later in the month.

So stay tuned to blog world to see how things play out.

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