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Alabama Day 1

December 13, 2009

Our 1st day is coming to a close.  We slept late for dog people and went to the happening Hardees for breakfast.  I knew I was back in the south when a fried bologna biscuit sandwich was on the breakfast menu. 

After breakfast, we went and watched the Gurely Christmas parade, Bob rode the Keel Mtn Fire Department engine and toss candy to the kiddos. 

That's Bob tossing candy

nothing runs like a Deere


Leslie, Phoebe and Ava

After the parade we came home and Miss Cheery O was still just panting and scratching, poor baby!  

Poor Cheery


Leslie and I decided to miss Bob playing Santa at the Fire Dept holiday Pot Luck and stay home to watch Cheery do nothing.  He did bring us home some yummy offerings from the Pot Luck, what a good guy!

So it is nearing midnight Central time and we are camping in the whelping area, my guess is a 3am party but we shall see what mother nature brings.  Right now it is still 9 pems a pending. 

Send good wishes!

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