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Who is she?

January 29, 2010

Ok I made you wait just for fun.

Yes, Kathy Davis wins the prize for figuring it out 🙂

This cute face belongs to one of the Arylan Chickie x Oscar puppies.

If you remember your updates Harry and I both used young Oscar but I messed up the timing and we didn’t get puppies from our Lindy breeding. 

I knew Harry was going to run on puppies from this litter and when I saw them at 5 weeks I agreed with him that it was a very strong/deep litter and this little girl has been growing up so nicely that Harry asked me if I was interested in taking her to Solstice instead of placing her in a companion home.  I’m going up for a visit in a couple of weeks to see PJ’s babies and I’ll see her again and see if we “get on” with each other.  She is the one called Miss Red in the puppy photos on his site and Facebook.  I’m excited to meet her again and meet my grandpuppies too!

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