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Back from Hobbs

February 8, 2010

Back from the Hobbs KC, it was a nice weekend hanging out with the dogs and friends.  I got to visit with my good friend JP of Chromadanes and our SW buddies.  It was a typical SW Cardigan weekend where a different dog went WD/WB/BOB each day.  I think it is a testament to the strength of our SW group.  It can go any way on any day.  I was happy that young Bailey got a piece of it by going WB/BOS on Sunday under Keke Kahn.  It was fun to show PJ, I haven’t show him in a year, I enjoyed having him out with me.

The Flea aka Sienna didn’t have points available but she did beat the other single entry class dog (who was with a handler) on Saturday and got to practice in the big group ring.  It was good practice and the handler who had the class dog was kind enough to give me some grooming lessons today. It was very nice of her to take the time and I hope I learned something.

I don’t have any formal photos from the weekend but I thought I’d share some photos of the hard life of the Solstice showdogs.

Poor Lindy, the life she has to lead.  She wasn’t even entered this weekend and I tortured her.

Ok, maybe this is dog torture but she is a toy and she is always cold.  So I got her an orange hoodie in honor of UTEPs leading the C-USA conference in men’s basketball.  She wasn’t thrilled at first but she seemed happy when we had to go outside in the cold.  Poor little Flea.

My smiley guy.

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