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A product endorsement – A`propos Conversation Shoes

February 26, 2010

Dog Show women are always looking for shoes, shoes that we can run in, shoes that don’t hurt our feet, shoes that don’t look UGLY with a nice suit, we need shoes.  Well I found some and want to share my find.  I bought these shoes from a kiosk outside Faneuil Hall in Boston.  They are made by a local Boston-based company.  I got them in September but due to some unfortunate events I didn’t get the correct size shoe until just a few weeks ago.  I haven’t worn them to a show yet but I’ve worn them at work and I ran around the yard and parking lots in the to see how they felt.  I liked them so much I just ordered a second pair. You can see their styles on their website:

They had great customer service, quickly fixed our size mistake (it was a busy day at the kiosk and I brought the wrong size home) and were so nice about the whole thing. 

So if you have ouchie feet like I do you might want to give these shoes a try.  They are cute, nicely priced and made in America 🙂

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  1. February 28, 2010 4:02 am

    Excellent! I LOVE shoes, and I’m going shopping (on-line, with your link) and hope to have a new addition to my closet…Thanks, Jinnie!

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