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Hot fun in the summer time

June 20, 2010

It is forecasted to be well over 100 degrees again today and like most days I try and get the garden done early.  The dogs like to help, hence the expens around the plants.

Cardi Proof?

This is the kind of help I get……………….

like Snoopy's dance of joy

Attack! Attack!

I'll help you Daddy!

Of course the rest of the gang was scavenging for watermelon remains.  If you need anymore proof that they love the watermelon, check out how clean this piece of rind is, the rind is the prize now and they will eat that too.

Bailey Scores!

Pretty Banner

Isn’t she growning up pretty.  Miss Banner (Arylan Flying the Colors at Solstice) at 8 months old.

Smiley PJ

Happy Father’s day Daddy Dog PJ.

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