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Thinking about the Fall

August 25, 2010

I’m looking forward to the fall, not just because of the perfect Southwest weather, fall dog show season, football but also PUPPIES!

The stage has been set for puppies.  Those of you who follow Solstice might remember last September, Harry and I attempted a breeding of Lindy (Ch Arylan Flying Start) and his lovely Arylan bred Oscar (Arylan Tribute to Liberty).   Oscar’s lovely pedigree and type offset his fluffiness and both Harry and I bred a girl to him.  Lindy unfortunately didn’t take (timing on my part I’m very sure) but Harry got a lovely litter from Chickie (Eklectic Arylan Chiquita Banana) and Oscar one of which is my pretty Banner girl.  Oscar is a beloved pet and once he did these breedings he was neutered.

Now part of the reason I wanted to use Oscar was his lovely pedigree and I had plans in my head that the Lindy x Oscar breeding could produce something to take to PJ in the future.  When that didn’t happen I hoped Banner might be a good match for PJ in the future.  Then I found out that PJ carries the Fluff gene and of course Oscar, Banner’s Daddy Dog is a fluff.  What to do, what to do? 


I really didn’t want to lose my chance at my pedigree plans (what a tangled web) so it has been decided that Lindy will be bred to one of Banner’s brothers.  Young as they are, Harry has prelim hips done and they both look good.   I loved this litter; it was so consistent so I’m getting excited about what could happen.  Lindy is Fluff free so hopefully all the genes will fall into place for me and I get a pretty fluff free girl.

Oz at 8 months

We haven’t chosen between the two boys for sure yet.  I’m leaning towards Oz (Arylan Mint Proof) but I also really like Orem (Arylan Gold Standard) too.  Lindy didn’t seem to have a favorite when we visited a couple of weekends ago; she thought they were both punks.    Since Lindy also isn’t saying when she will come in season (could be anytime from now until November) we still have some time to evaluate them as they mature a bit more.

Orem at 8 months

Not to worry, hopefully there will be plenty of puppy reports on the blog as Harry is breeding the fabulous Chickie (mother to pretty Banner and the above mentioned Punks) to a lovely Group placing blue boy named Jazz out of Oklahoma.  This breeding will take place in the next few days so it won’t be too long before I’m oooh and awwing over puppies.  For more info about this breeding visit   

And if that isn’t enough in speaking with my Southwest Cardi peers there are a bunch of planned litters for this fall and winter so next Summer we ought to have a lovely new crop of Cardi youngsters out and about at shows in the region.  That is always exciting to see all the young hopefuls.

I’ll be happy to answer puppy inquiries; I’ve started a puppy waiting list now that time is getting close.  This breeding will most likely be a black/white litter.    You can go to my website for my kennel philosophies and practices and also both Lindy’s and Banner’s (and her brothers) pedigrees are listed at   And check out for information on the upcoming black/blue litter and additional information on the potential stud muffins.

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  1. August 30, 2010 3:54 pm

    Lindy is so adorable!

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