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The Chosen one

September 30, 2010



Lindy came is season this past weekend.  I expected her to make me wait until all the other girls had their turn (because I was waiting for her) but she surprised me and came in right in the middle of things.   I hustled her up to Albuquerque to stay with Harry and her intended Oz aka Arylan Mint Proof. 

Oz is the littermate of my lovely Banner and I’m excited to see what this breeding produces.  Lots of good stuff that hopefully all fits together.

This litter should be born around the Winter Solstice or a few days before.  I expect an all Tri litter.  Lindy has tan points and Oz has brindle points.   If you are interested in this litter please let me know and of course updates will come in the blog and on facebook.

Look at this lovely movement, I stole this photo from Harry’s website you can see more photos of Oz and his pedigree at the link below.

Arylan Mint Proof

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