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Puppy Questionnaire and Kennel Policies

October 29, 2010

Lindy is still not saying if she is expecting or not.  She was bred 3 weeks ago so it is still early but I do wish she would give me a sign.  Her last litter she kept her little secret for a while.  I didn’t think she was bred so she was entered in a show the 1st weekend of February and even my friend and fellow Cardi breeder Dr. Barb couldn’t tell if she was preggers.  Well we know she was since her litter was born about 25 days later.

So in order to keep on top of things I added a new “page” to the blog menu called Puppy questionnaire.   If you are interested in a puppy from us please take a look at that page.   There is a very brief questionnaire and some of our kennel policies and expectations.    Even if you have contacted me previously it would be helpful to have you fill out and email the questions to me that are on the questionnaire.

Thanks and you will know when I know!

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