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What are we going to call these puppies?

January 2, 2011

The Holiday treats will eventually need real, fancy AKC registered names and half the fun of breeding a litter is coming up with a litter theme.  I kicked around a few and am still working on where to go with the theme.  I do register the entire litter and I ask new owners to get involve in the name process.

Lindy’s name is Flying Start and I called her Lindy after Charles Lindberg, we also call her Lindy Hop or Hoppy.  Oz is Mint Proof, his litter mostly had a gold theme.  Most of the Solstice Cardigans have the word FLY as part of their names.

The treats were born on Pearl Harbor day 12/7/10 so I am leaning towards a WWII theme.  Easy for a boy but not as easy for the girls.  Currently, it is looking like Nog will be going to Houston (dependent on final evals etc) and I know he will be getting a “smart” name.   But we still need names for the girls.  I’ve come up with some and gotten some suggestions so here is what is on the table so far:

Pinup Girl

Fly Girl

USO Girl


Tokyo Rose

Pearl Harbor

Donut Dolly

South Pacific

Victory Garden

Rosie the Riviter seems like an obvious choice but I know of another young Cardi girl who already has that name so that one is our of consideration.

I’d love to hear other ideas.

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