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A busy weekend

January 10, 2011
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The Solstice collective had a busy weekend.  Cody and her team Charlie and Bonnie had a successful run at the Mesilla Valley KC super match this weekend getting Qs in Rally Novice, Beginner Novice and Novice.   Not to be left out both Banner and Sienna (the flea) were entered in the Conformation portion of the match, since both are over a year they were in the Adult classes.  Banner won the herding group and but she missed out on Best Adult in Match when Sienna beat her! 

Sienna was a hairy little beast since she has been on a grooming vacation since October but she is really starting to look good and the practice is always helpful.

Then they went shopping.  What else would a girl do to celebrate a big win.

In Puppy News, the little darlings deceided they didn’t like their whelping box and howled to get out every time I put them in it so I took it down and they are very happy in their xpen world.

Cardis need a pillow, no matter what their age.

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