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Puppies in the straw

January 18, 2011

A big move for the babies yesterday.  After the big dogs helped me get the room ready I put the babies in there to play.  Not one of them hesitated at the new place.

Nog you are not a cow, don't eat the straw

They are loving the extra room and having a really good time.

Maybe too good a time……..

Nog! What are you doing?

They played and played.  Bailey and Mandy are really interested in them and hang out at the gate watching puppy TV.  When I got home today there was a pile of big dog toys by the gate so they must be trying to share.

What are they Mom?

Pretty soon they were tired out.

I really intended for the babies to go back in their pen for the night but all 4 of them were cuddled up in the little puppy house snoozing away so they got spend the night.

Cookie and Nog try out the puppy house

There was one GSP that was thrilled that the poopies have moved into the play room.  I don’t think Wicca moved from the bed until I kicked her off this morning.

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