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Who goes where?

January 31, 2011

This weekend took the poopies on their 1st “road trip” we traveled to Albuquerque, NM to visit Kennel Arylan, home of Oz, their puppy daddy. They were wonderful travelers, road quiet, didn’t mess in their crate, I was so proud of them.  4+ hours each way and they were troopers.   This was the “who goes where” trip, where Harry and I made our choices. 
Lots of new things this weekend for the babies, they had their first trip outside.  They played with the blue puppies that are a couple months older.  The met Bea the resident cat, dug in the dirt, ate inappropriate things and all and all had a big adventure.
So for those that have been following along here is how the puppy picking went:
Nog stayed behind at Arylan as Harry’s pick
Fudge will be staying at Solstice
Cookie is now Einie and she will be going to Houston to be Tara and Tim’s performance partner and wonder puppy.  Einie is going to be following in her momma Lindy’s footsteps of being named after a famous man.  Lindy is named after Charles Lindbergh and Einie will be named after Albert Einstein.   The current choice for her registered name is Solstice The Manhattan Project or something along those lines.  We will see if her new people have any more ideas.
Candy is still going to be evaluated to see what type of home will be best suited for her personality.


Cookie herding cats!

They were clean when we got there.........

Four coins in the fountain?

Daddy Oz peaking over the wall at the “kids”
In addition to the poopies, Banner also spent the weekend at Arylan playing with her Mom Chickie and her siblings Oz and Lodi.

Banner meets the neighbors goats

Lodi and Banner check out the goats

Chase! Oz, Lodi and Banner play chase.


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