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Puppy K

February 27, 2011

We took the girls to Puppy K today at K9Funworks  This was their 1st time out except our two trips to the vet and their road trip to see Daddy Harry at Arylan.  They all did well and seem to take it in stride. 

Cody (Mom to Charlie and Bonnie) went along as a puppy wrangler and Ginger (Mom) and Sienna went to their Good Manners class.

It is interesting to see how different they all are, each puppy has had exactly the same experiences in their 1st 12 weeks. This was the 1st time they have been asked to “work”.

Einie, Cody has charge of Einie for the duration of our class.  Einie is going to Tara and Tim as a potential performance companion.  She was very thrilled to be there, interested in both people and dogs but willing to try to work with Cody.  Cody said she loves a food motivated puppy.  Tara, Cody will be giving you a training report 🙂

Einie and Cody.... Notice the loose lead

Betty, Cody and I both took turns with Betty, she was patient and interested while waiting her turn in the Xpen and was very pleased to see both the people and the other dogs but not so pleased to be asked to walk on a lead.  Betty showed a bit of a stubborn streak.  She seems to want to be a pampered pooch.  Seems like Pinup Girl is a good name fit for her.

FiFi, I worked with FiFi and she was happy to see the people but a bit worried about the other dogs.  She threw a bit of a temper tantrum when I first asked her to walk on the lead but then she chose to play along.  She did really well on the recall.

Since I have to work next Sat. Cody will be taking Einie by herself and then I’ll take the other girls to one of the other classes Dina offers just for socialization.

All in all I was happy with their attitudes and am looking forward to our next class together.

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