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How the heck did he do that? The Great Stonedini!

February 28, 2011

I really wish I had a photo of our early morning excitement but I wasn’t really thinking about the camera at 1:30am

To set the stage, at our house the older dogs Stoney (10) Wicca the GSP (9) and Lindy (5.5) are the “house” dogs and get to sleep loose in the house.  The rest of the gang sleep in their crates in the kennel room.  Stoney and Wicca really don’t like each other.  Wicca the GSP thinks she should be the only dog and Stoney is a grouchy old man so they live in a weird sort of harmony.  At night Wicca is the bed dog and Stoney and Lindy sleep on the floor/dogbeds.  Stoney really prefers under the bed.  He and Wicca then growl at each other, she from on top, he from down under. 

So now the story about our morning excitement, about 12:30am Stoney starts making growly noises from under the bed.  Now Stonehead is a talker.  (He was actually nominated for an AKC ACE award for his “talking” and alert barking which let us know that my Grandmother had fallen in the yard.)   I of course told him to “shut up Stoney” and went back to sleep.  A while later he started up again and was making some weird arrroo and woo woo noises so I got up and called him out from under the bed.  He wouldn’t come out.

I kicked the girls out of the bed room and started to move the bed and I found him in a funny situation.  Some how while doing laundry I had dropped my long sleeve CWCCA national T-Shirt on the floor and Stoney had pulled it under the bed and proceeded to get his entire body in one of the sleeves.  Now those of you who have this T-shirt know there is ribbing at the sleeves.  His head was poking out the end of the sleeve and the rest of his body was stuffed in the sleeve he looked like a sausage in a casing. 

I don’t have a clue how he managed to get in the sleeve while under the bed.  Is he practicing for a Vegas act?  Is it an escape trick gone  wrong?  Was he planning to open a show?

After I figured out how do get him out of the shirt without cutting of the sleeve (pulled him out like you would a little kid out a sweater) he gave me a “thanks Mom” look and calmly went to the water bowl for a drink.

Of course there are now toenail holes in one of my favorite shirts and since they went out at 1:30am they were content to sleep in and I over slept this morning.  But all in all it was just a weird adventure in Cardis, no harm no foul, but how the heck did he do that?

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