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Load ’em up……….

March 31, 2011

Yes, it has begun…… packing well it has sort of begun.  I picked the RV up from its toliet repair (I’m living in it for 10 days so it was a necessary repair) and it’s trip check up last night and immediately loaded a case of Diet Coke into it.  So packing for the nationals has officially begun.  Lot’s of dog show stuff is already in there so in reality the 1st thing I’ll do is inventory and then start packing. 

The gang and I will be leaving next Thursday so that we can make the Houston area before it gets super late on Friday.  Yes, for those who are unfamiliar with the great State of Texas, I live in El Paso, Texas and am driving to Houston, Texas and I’m leaving Thursday so I can get to shows that start on Saturday.    The drive between El Paso and Houston is around 12 hours and it will most likely be more traveling with dogs, hence the Thursday departure.

PJ and Banner are entered in the San Jacinto Kennel Club shows on Saturday and Sunday.  Frost is entered in Rally at the CWCCA nationals on Monday and Tuesday and PJ is entered in the CWCCA Megan competition on Tuesday night.  Banner has sweeps on Wednesday, we will be cheering for puppy daddy dog Oz in the dog classes on Thursday.  Friday is a busy day with all three girls, Banner, Bailey and Frost in classes and then PJ will be in Best of Breed on Saturday.  Of course there are a gazillon other events associated with the nationals that we will be attending but the dogs are the focus.  If you want more info on the CWCCA nationals or the club in general check here

Just a blog warning, I’ll be trying to keep results somewhat current for the people who are not able to attend and if I use my blog I can update Facebook and Twitter at the same time so if you aren’t familar with dog show results just check in later to see if I posted anything that makes sense to you.

I’m ready to go even if I’m not ready yet!

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