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Dog show day 1 and what we are doing now.

April 9, 2011


Dog show day one comes to an exciting finish with the Cardigan going Best in Show.  Wasn’t my Cardigan but the lovely Dickens flying the Cardigan flag.  We were ringside to cheer on our breed winner to victory.

On the home front PJ was a crazy boy but he had a good time.  Banner won her class which sent her to the winners class. WB was Doris lovely BBE bitch.  WD finished today, a dog and kennel I did recognize, G-Whiz?  BOS was the lovely girl Sherri Hurst recently handled to Best in Show.  Select Dog & Select Bitch went to the two Alaskan dog shown by my new pals Tammy and Sharon, one of which is another BIS winner so we were in company.  I wish I had everyones name but I didn’t get a Crosby catalog.

Now everyone is hanging out napping or chewing like Oz. Except me, I am blogging.

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