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Rally time

April 12, 2011





So today the nationals started officially for the Solstice crowd, Frost was entered in Rally Novice B. For those of you on FB you may remember last week I was in a dirther because there were no Rally entries in my confirmation packet.  The super told me they were in but when it came time to play our number was not in the judges book. So I was right my entries we just missed by the super.  Lucky they got it fixed cause despite not wanting to do a “down” Frosty got her first Rally leg. Yay, Frost!

The big obedience prizes went to Stella and Tonka for HIT and Sherri and Dusty (think it was Dusty) for High Combined. 

I don’t know who did what in agility but lots of people were having a good time with their dogs. 

Sadly none of the tracking dogs Q’ed.

At the performance dinner the awards chair said there were over 800 Cardigan titles last year, which included a Ch Tracker, High in trials for both OB and Herding a MACH 9 if you can believe that.

It was a good day, here are some photos to prove it.

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