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The Nationals that was

April 18, 2011


Wow did we have fun. 

I didn’t want the week to get away without giving a big shoutout and thank you to the members of the Bluebonnet Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club and their members for the wonderful event the provided for all of us.

Our team had a great nationals.  Harry and Arylan get top billing. Oz, Arylan Mint Proof (Banner’s littermate and the Poopies Daddy) was BOS in sweeps, Winners Dog and Best of Winners. I was so proud and happy for Harry. Oz was piloted by the talented Sherri Hurst.

On the Solstice side of the team Frost started us off with two Qs in Rally Novice B with a 2nd & 3rd place.  Bailey added to our ribbon total by being award 2nd place in the large BBE class. I could not be more proud.

We made lots of new friends and of course getting to spend the week with Leslie was the best.

We will be home tomorrow to begin to recoop.

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