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Point me in the direction of Albuquerque………..

May 18, 2011


Fifi, Solstice Fly Girl’s new favorite lap.

I love the Albuquerque shows, especially the Rio Grand Kennel Club has always been good to me.  I got my 1st major at a RGKC show, finished my 1st Champion at an RGKC show (Windy) 1st Rally title (PJ) and finished Lindy last year there too.

This year was good for the team too, I say team because the Solstice/Arylan bred and owned dogs did good!

We started off Friday with a new title, Frosty finished her Rally Novice title and is now Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, RN* and if that wasn’t enough the team of CCB (Cody, Charlie and Bonnie) had qualifying scores in Novice A, Rally Advanced A and Novice B.  I am so proud of my friend Cody Smith and what she is doing with her 1st Cardigans.   By Sunday the team had complete 3 new titles (with placements).  Charlie is now Solstice Flying Ace, CD, RN, CGC (PJxLindy) and Bonnie is now Arylan Flight from Justice (PJxLindy).

Saturday Frosty got an insurance leg in Rally and Bailey was  RWB.  Sunday was the day that team CCB got their titles and Bailey, Solstice Flying Circus (PJ x Lindy) was WB for 2 points from the BBE class, sadly the major broke that day.  But I was very happy since Bailey is completely naked, she dropped all her coat after her bath on Friday.

Monday was a very exciting day!  The major held and it produced two new Champion for Arylan.   Chickie, Elektric Arylan Chiquita Banana was WB for her final major.  Chicke is Banner’s momma and the poopies grandma.   Oz, Arylan Mint Proof was awarded WD/BW for his final major too.  Oz is the poopies daddy dog.  Little Enna, Arylan Special Envoy, Harry’s 6 month old blue puppy girl was RWB.  It was especially exciting since our just that day was Cardigan Breeder Judge and CWCCA President Steve Gladstone.   Mr Gladstone was so taken by Enna that he arranged with Harry to take her home. 

Today was the last day (thank goodness we are all tired), adorable Enna was WB for her 1st major under Judge Nancy Simmons.

So to recap the team came home with 6 new titles (8 bitch points and 3 dog points). There was much celebrating with ice cream for the dogs and Gruet Champagne for the people.  We didn’t have the greatest weather this year, lots of yucky wind but we were able to hang out, chat, evaluate puppies and just enjoy the non competition part of a dog show.  The part that makes it all worthwhile.  And Baby FiFi had a wonderful time! She even got her own new bling bling showlead in hot pink!


Frost with her new Title Ribbon (and the green)




A blurry Cody and Bonnie getting their placement in Rally Novice B


Does this one even need a caption?  CUTE!


Pretty Enna in the puppy group, you can tell I was focusing on the dog and cut off Harry’s head


Bailey says it is tough being the Winners Bitch


Novice A Qualifiers! 



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